Those families with picky eaters unite!  We have quality food for all. Kelly Family Farms will be serving their delicious hamburgers.  Chick-fil-A Stacey Rd and Twin Creek locations will also be one of our sponsors for dinner. And the all time kid favorite, pizza will also be served along with Mexican food from Chiloso.  Later on in the evening, Paula Deen will be bringing us a late night snack of grilled cheese and tomato sauce.  We will have the water cows from the football team with with cold water and large containers of tea and lemonade.  The snack table will be filled with donated items like chip bags, pretzels, jerky, fruit chews, goldfish, etc.  We will smores by the fire,  popcorn at the movies and cotton candy on a stick.  All the food mentioned above is included with the price of the admission.  Empty tummies will not be a problem at this campout!