Sponsorships and Donations

Sponsorship is super critical because we will only offer activities that are sponsored.  Sponsorship donations are 100% deductible.
In order to make this campout happen, we need businesses or families to sponsor activities.  Our variety of activities is contingent on how many sponsorships we receive.  We want to provide the most activities possible for the campers, but we can't unless we receive funds to procure the activitiy.  So, if you know of a business, or maybe you are a business owner yourself, or if you just want to be a family sponsor,  we would love to send you a sponsor packet with information.  Other ideas maybe neighborhood sponsors.....each family in a neighborhood gives $x amount of dollars which will add up to a $1,000 sponsorship for an activity.  Think about members from your church getting together and pooling your money to sponsor an activity, or maybe your sports team can combine your donations together to sponsor an activity.  Also you do not have to give at a sponsorship level.  Anything under $499 is much appreciated as well.  Remember the correlation between the amount that is given is directly related to the activities offered.  Also keep in mind that although this involves a majority of elementary parents, the net profit of this event will go back to the general fund for LISD which benefits all students, so please consider talking  about this event to other LJ parents that have older children.  If you would like more information regarding donations or sponsorship, please email us at hartcampout@gmail.com. You can also click on the sponsorship button below to see sponsorship levels and exposure.